George Shaghashvili. 

Clothes change shape, clothes change function.

George Shagashvili ranks among the top 10 most famous Georgian designers. His collections are shown at the world catwalks and on the pages of Vogue. Interesting style and cuts, natural materials and accessories, monochrome – all of this is an expression of the artist’s emotions and thoughts.

Clothes from George Shagashvili’s collections are multifunctional. Various fasteners, buttons, and features of textiles help clothes change their shape, and along with it – their function. Therefore, the clothes of this designer are applicable in completely different areas of life. Somebody wearing the clothes of this brand is directly involved in the process of creating an image through a game of forms and individual style variations.

To balance the versatility of clothing and many decorative details, George Shagashvili uses the elements of optical illusion, monochromatic colors, and natural materials such as cotton, silk, wool, cloth, satin, knitted and crocheted fabric, genuine leather and fur.

They say that someone wearing demure clothes and dressed black has a colorful soul, and is joyous inside.

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